Debbie’s chuffed when new man Tom wows the Dingles

Debbie's pleased when she introduces new boyfriend Tom to her family who receive him well

Given her messy romantic history, Debbie has taken it super-slow with new man Tom. Since splitting with Ross, she’s spent ages getting herself back on an even keel, focussing on her kids Sarah and Jack. But her romance with Tom has been hotting up and the time has come to intro her new man to her family. The Dingles aren’t the easiest crowd and given that Tom has got such a different background to hers, Debbie’s worried about it. But she needn’t. Tom wows them all. Win!

At Home Farm there’s still no sign of Lachlan and his mum Chrissie is going out of her mind. Rebecca tries to comfort her sister, who’s becoming more and more convinced her son Lucky has taken his own life.

Leyla lends Pete a shoulder to cry on. He’s desperately missing his little brother Finn. Can Leyla reassure Pete he couldn’t have done anything to save him? Is there something Pete isn’t telling his ex?