Debbie can’t resist Michael!

Debbie can’t resist Michael for long and she heads to the hotel to meet him. It’s not long before Debbie leads Michael to the bedroom and they fall into bed. Debbie realises that Michael won’t dump his other woman and agrees to a secret relationship. Debbie tells Michael that Cain hates him and can never find out about their affair!

Mark isn’t happy when he sees that Cain and Faye are growing closer and closer. When Cain threatens Maisie, Mark marches round to Faye’s and orders that she keeps her new ‘boyfriend’ in check. Faye is secretly thrilled that she has Mark’s attention at last and continues to flirt with Cain in the Woolpack that night.

Carl tells Chas he loves her but she insists she’s happy with Paddy. Can Chas can’t bring herself to look Carl in the eye and tell him she doesn’t love him back. Carl tells Chas to come clean with Paddy!

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