Debbie can’t celebrate Sarah’s birthday (VIDEO)

*Episode One*

It’s Sarah’s eighth birthday party and the Dingle clan wants to celebrate. Of course they do! This is a birthday they feared the little girl might not live to see. Now, though, Debbie fears that she might not have Sarah for her next birthday as she’s been reported to Social Services as a bad mother. She’s not great as a daughter, businesswoman or friend, either, but she has been spectacularly bad as a mother lately… Dodgy deals with dodgy blokes while her children were in the house and, when she had to go out (which has been a lot), she would leave the kids with just about anyone who would have them, including drunken Kerry, who almost got them killed by setting Andy’s house on fire. So Debbie’s not in a party mood on Sarah’s birthday; she’s looking at her family and trying to work out who made the call…

Alicia doesn’t take long to work out that Dom’s daughter Gemma is very much a Daddy’s girl and not at all keen on sharing him with Alicia. But now that Dom and daughter have moved into the village, Alicia will be seeing a lot more of them – whether Gemma likes it or not.

Whether or not Rhona likes it, she has to tell Paddy about her problem. Vanessa knows Rhona stole Sandy’s pills and she’s not going to help her any more unless she starts being honest with herself and everyone else.