Debbie’s terrified that Ross will out their affair to Pete in revenge for her breaking off their affair. But when she asks to meet up with him Ross gets the wrong idea and is optimistic they may reconcile! Though his bags are packed ready to leave, Ross sneaks out to see Debbie. But his hopes of a future together are smashed to bits when Debbie coldly confirms she’s going to go ahead with her wedding to Pete. With that, bitter Ross decides he’s going to destroy Debbie’s perfect day…

Lachlan hates Robert with a passion and when he overhears his stepdad winding up his granddad, his blood boils. Later, when Lawrence takes his heart medication, Lachlan comes up with an idea that could get Robert in big trouble.

It’s full steam ahead for Val who’s decided she’s going to fake her own death. As Pollard gets it in the neck when she sets about planning her funeral, Val decides to host a dinner for her nearest and dearest. But the response is… muted.