Debbie’s dreams of a romantic future with Michael are trashed when she discovers that the life he has planned doesn’t include her. After Cain’s threats, Michael arranges to meet Debbie and tells her that they should call it a day – what was supposed to fun is now miserable, with people in danger of getting hurt. Debbie’s devastated and tells Michael she loves him. He tells her he’s engaged and is getting married next week! Was Cain right all along about lover boy?

Cain’s also the subject of a discussion between Faye and Natasha. As Faye was humiliated by Cain in The Woolpack the night before, Natasha is confident that her husband’s first – and still legal – wife will want to leave the village. But she shouldn’t bet the house on it. Faye didn’t come to Emmerdale for Cain and she won’t be leaving because of him. She still wants Mark back and she’ll be staying put. That makes Natasha nervous but what, exactly, can she do about it?

Meanwhile, Katie’s feelings for Ryan are still conflicted. Gennie encourages her to make up with him and Katie apologises to Ryan. But he’s dismissive, saying he doesn’t care what she thinks of him. Is that really how he feels, though?