Debbie gets a loan to buy Tug Ghyll

Debbie and Jasmine approach Viv in an attempt to get Tug Ghyll back. Jasmine threatens to write a nasty article about Viv in the paper and a worried Viv agrees to give Debbie first refusal on the sale of the house. Debbie asks Matthew for a loan but he turns her down and says he’ll buy Tug Ghyll himself. Carl can’t resist getting one over on Matthew and he offers Debbie the loan. Matthew is furious that his brother has betrayed him.

Sam is struggling for money and Carl demands his overdue rent. Eli offers to help out Sam and asks him to do a pick up and drop off taxi service for him and offers him double pay. Sam is grateful, but unaware that Eli is secretly using him as a drugs courier.

Jasmine is surprised when Miles pays her a visit and she apologises for hurting him with her article. Miles and Jasmine make up their differences and she is stunned to discover that Donald is awake and with Nicola. Jasmine warns Donald that Nicola is a nasty little schemer, but he waves aside her concerns. Jasmine also wonders about Miles’s relationship with his father.

Also, Val makes things worse with the Dingles.