Debbie gets out of prison!

*One-hour episode*

Aaron breaks into the delivery van to steal Bob‘s cash. Zak is angry that Aaron has taken matters into his own hands, but they use the cash to buy furniture for Tug Ghyll. The deliveryman blames Bob and Brenda for the robbery and vows never to work with Bob again. Bob reveals that the banks are recalling all his debts, putting him in serious trouble.

Diane talks Andy into letting Debbie have access to Sarah when she’s released and he tells Lisa he’ll allow Debbie two hours’ supervised access that evening. Debbie is released from prison and is grateful to the Dingles for all they have done with Tug Ghyll. She has a tearful reunion with Sarah and is thrilled to be home.

Maisie tells Val about her failed attempt to seduce Andy, but insists that she always gets what she wants. Andy apologises to Maisie for acting weird when she tried to kiss him and confesses that he likes her. Scheming Maisie asks for a guided tour of Butlers. When they arrive Nathan’s car is outside and Maisie suggests they hide from him the barn and it’s not long before Maisie has bagged her man and they’re rolling in the hay!

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