Debbie slept with Andy to create a saviour sibling for Sarah. It has caused her a lot of grief and now is the moment she finds out if it was all worth it. The hospital rings and she finds out it was! The baby is a match for Sarah. Yay! Even Charity and Cain are united in their happiness. Now, if only Cameron would stay… Charity tells Debbie to talk to him and she does – and he eventually says he’ll stay put. But Chas can see that Cameron is struggling to be totally committed to his role in Debbie’s life.

Moira’s struggling with her grief – but Holly’s struggling more. It’s clear that Moira can’t cope, though and she leaves Holly to do the jobs she should be doing. It’s not so clear that Holly is struggling, especially to Alex. He offers Holly some help – but it’s not as much as she needs.

Aaron and Ed have got past struggling with their feelings for each other. They’ve had a sleep-over and are very happy and Chas and Paddy are happy for them. Just don’t anyone mention France!