Debbie has a burning desire for revenge! (VIDEO)

Debbie’s not carrying a torch for cowardly Cameron – but she does torch his belongings! She has found out that Cameron is staying put in Emmerdale so he can support Chas and, understandably, she’s not happy. She uses all her skills as a mechanic to trash the truck Jimmy gave to Cameron (the one he was supposed to use as a getaway vehicle) and then she sets fire to Cameron’s belongings. Cain and Charity are burning with a desire to get revenge, too and agree that one day they will make Cameron pay. Is Cameron living on borrowed time? Definitely, if Chas finds out she’s doing time for his crime!

Carl’s time ran out, though, because he couldn’t bear the thought of Chas with another man. “If I can’t have you, no one will,” he told Chas, as he tried to rape her. Now Carl’s kids, Thomas and Anya, are in Emmerdale and Uncle Jimmy has some explaining to do. Nicola tells Jimmy he really shouldn’t lie to them, but Jimmy is still struggling to accept that his brother is dead, that his brother was going to sell him out and that his brother loathed him.

Dan seems to have got over Chas quickly and has moved on…to Lizzie! Can’t she see that desperate Dan is a tortured soul?! Well, no, she can’t, but hopefully she’ll sense it.