Debbie has a drastic plan to save Sarah

Dr Armah has news about Sarah’s donor, but it’s not good news. The donor has pulled out. Desperate, Debbie comes up with her own solution: she and Andy will have another baby as a saviour sibling for Sarah! Whoah, girl! That’s the first Andy has heard of this. And he’s even more shocked when Debbie tells the doctor they’re a couple! She does that because Dr Armah tells her there might be problems if they’re not. Back in Emmerdale Andy finally gets his say and he’s not sure it’s a good idea. But he has no comeback when Debbie tells him she has to try everything to save their daughter. So Andy asks for time to think…

Moira’s had plenty of time to think and she tells Cain to forget about what they did. Then she tries to talk to farmer John, but he’s too busy for her. That’s when she finds herself at the garage, telling Cain not to threaten her marriage – then threatening it herself by being too weak to resist him – again!

Nicky appears to think he’s irresistible, but making demands of Katie and lying to Edna isn’t charming behaviour.