Debbie hears what Chas has done

Diane was prepared to show Chas some mercy and spare Dan and Debbie the details of her efforts to rob The Woolpack (which weren’t really her efforts, they were Cameron’s, but Chas is saying it was her to save Cameron). Cain, however, doesn’t do mercy – not even for his sister… He tells Debbie it was Chas who burgled the pub – and he even apologises to Cameron for believing it was him! Cain saying sorry: that’s one for the Emmerdale archives! So now Debbie and Diane think Chas is the worst person in the world. And she’s not… She just has very, very, very poor judgement in just about every aspect of her life.

The worst person in Jimmy’s world right now is Charity – and he doesn’t know the half of what she’s been up to – yet. Charity has hauled Rishi up to the Emmerdale Haulage offices to talk to Carl about him moving on and Charity moving up the shareholder ladder with his shares. Edna’s there and is worried about their meeting. She should be, too… Charity gets Carl’s share of the business!

Katie wants to get Declan to agree to a double wedding with Chas and Dan. What?! Why??? Katie thinks Chas is stressing out over money – and she is – but she doesn’t need money for flowers and fancy food, she needs it to pay off Carl.