Debbie is charged over Shane’s murder

Debbie is questioned by Henshall and Williams, who claim that they have enough evidence to put her and Eli away for good. Meanwhile, Laurel tells Ashley the truth about Jasmine and he is determined to find her and make her face up to her actions. Laurel tells the police about Jasmine’s confession and is threatened with a charge of perverting the course of justice for keeping the confession to herself for so long. But with Jasmine still missing, Debbie is charged with manslaughter.

Eli is ashamed that he ratted on Debbie and Jasmine. Zak forces Eli to tell him exactly what happened and is angry with Eli for not doing more to protect Debbie. Zak flies at Eli, who tries to explain himself, but Zak can’t believe that a Dingle would shop another Dingle to the police and he disowns Eli and throws him out.

Donna is stunned when she discovers that Debbie has been arrested and is relieved to learn that Ross will be released. Marlon is furious with Donna for landing his family in it and shouts her out of The Woolpack. Katie comforts a distressed Donna, who insists that she can’t cope with Marlon’s rejection and has put in for a job transfer down south.

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