Now Tracy’s started up with Andy, the whole village seems to be up in arms. Debbie’s livid when she hears about the romance and doesn’t hold back when she tells Tracy exactly why the relationship is ridiculous. The only person who seems to have Tracy’s back is her ex, Sam, who’s there to witness Debbie’s outburst. Will she and Andy call it quits or carry on?

Doug is now seriously worried about Laurel’s drink problem. His daughter’s habit put April in hospital so something needs to be done – and soon. Though Laurel apologises to her dad, she gives Doug more cause for alarm when she tells him she’s got a job hosting make-up parties. Knowing booze will be involved, Doug needs to act fast.

Back from her trip to Dubai, Nicola’s got a new lease of life. And Jimmy soon finds out why his wife has got her mojo back – she has high ideas the family will move out to the Emirates!