Debbie loses her link to Cain

Debbie gets grief from her cellmates when it comes out that she was involved with Jasmine. Her mobile phone is broken after getting into a scuffle and her chance to speak with Cain is lost. Lisa visits Debbie and can’t believe that she’s spoken to Jasmine and not begged her to return, but Debbie insists she made the right decision, as Jasmine wouldn’t last a minute in prison.

Nicola is tasked with organising Mark’s party for Natasha and she suggests that they invite Horse & House magazine to cover it. Nicola and Natasha are interrupted by Mark, who has arrived with their youngest son Will, who has been away at boarding school. Will goes for a tour of the grounds and bumps into Belle collecting insects and they soon make friends. Meanwhile, Natasha tells Mark that their eldest son, Nathan, will be at the party, but she can’t get hold of their daughter Maisie.

Chas asks Marlon to talk with Paddy, who is still in a foul mood over the Valentine’s card, but it’s his wedding anniversary and he’s distracted. Meanwhile, Chas guesses that Gennie sent Paddy the card and encourages her to go for it. Gennie invites Paddy to the Wyldes’ party, but is deflated when he declines.

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