Pete happens to catch Debbie trying on her wedding dress and is dazzled by her beauty. Buckling under the stress of the situation, having been caught by Moira kissing his brother Ross, Debbie collapses in Pete’s arms, blaming her tears on wedding nerves. But, really, she’s made her choice between the Barton brothers. Moira is pleased that her threat has had the desired effect – but will Debbie stand by her decision when she later informs Ross he’s the chosen one?

Meanwhile, dinner for two is served with a huge side of awkward at Tall Trees. Though Laurel is touched when Marlon comes home early to cook for her, conversation is strained. Realising they have no future, just a past, Marlon confesses he’ll never be able to forgive Laurel for what she’s done. Will he comfort Laurel when a phonecall delivers terrible news?

Also, furious to have been given the brush off by Dr Bailey, Emma loses it and trashes his office. When she cools down, she’s full of regret. Will she be able to clear it up without the Doc finding out?