Debbie pleads with Cameron to stay!

Cameron’s leaving! Andy has told Cameron that he and Debbie didn’t make their baby with a turkey baster – they slept together. Devastated, Cameron’s booking a place on a ferry back to Jersey. Debbie doesn’t know any of this, though, when she and Charity race Sarah to hospital after the little girl cuts herself. Andy hears about the accident and races after them. But he only adds to Debbie’s worry when he tells her he’s told Cameron everything. Oh no! Charity stays with Sarah while Debbie rushes back to Cameron. But it’s too late. Cameron’s hurt, he’s angry, he’s packed his bags – and he leaves.

Declan’s ready to go with his music festival – but Adam isn’t. Declan needs permission from the Bartons to run an access road through Butler’s Farm before the council will give him permission for his festival. But the Bartons are still grieving – and, of course, there’s still a lot of bad blood over the whole Adam/Mia/Ella love triangle. Which is why Adam tells Declan that a council refusal for his festival will be music to Adam’s ears.

A bit of attention from Aaron would make Ed’s heart sing – but Aaron hardly notices Ed when he brings his car in for repair. Come on, Aaron, look at what you’re missing!