Debbie asks Ross to get her a fake passport!

Debbie Dingle asks Ross Barton to get her a fake passport so she can take Sarah abroad for cancer treatment

*First episode*

Though Debbie has told her parents she will remain in the UK, sticking to her ban on leaving the country, and let Charity take Sarah to Prague for her cancer treatment, she’s not happy about her decision. Determined to be by her terrified daughter’s side, no matter what and unable to turn to her dad, who will refuse to help, Debbie visits Ross Barton and asks her ex to get her a fake passport, knowing he has the contacts who’ll be able to come up with the goods.

It’s Aaron’s sentencing hearing and his loved ones are devastated as he starts a 12-month sentence. How will he cope behind bars?

Gabby starts going out with Jacob. Liv feels left out. Laurel wonders if stepdaughter Gabby’s hunch is right – does Ashley’s carer Will fancy her?