Debbie runs into Ross’s arms!

When Zak’s winnings go missing, it kicks off a mega chain of events. He reckons Ross has taken his cash and is forced to tell Lisa he pawned her ring when she overhears him talking to Cain about it. Meanwhile, James knows exactly who is really behind the theft when Emma reveals she told Pete there is something going on between Ross and Debbie.

Knowing Pete will be wanting payback, James is convinced he’s framed Ross. Debbie then confronts Ross, who has no idea what she’s going on about and is stunned when she searches his car and finds the planted cash. Knowing Pete was behind it, Debbie is furious. After another argument with her fiancé, she gives into her feelings and goes running, passionately, to Ross.

Wanting to hurt Vanessa, Kirin lashes out telling his ex that Adam, who he thinks has got her pregnant, won’t want to know as he’s now engaged to Victoria. Meanwhile, Rakesh, who doctored the DNA results, swapping his son’s name for Adam’s, is starting to feel really guilty over Kirin’s misery.