Debbie’s caught in the middle

Having been booted out by Chas for cheating, James is homeless. But he’s not convinced when Pete suggests bunking up at his place – and nor is Debbie when she gets wind of the plan! Unable to turn away her father-in-law, however, Debbie’s not really got any choice in the matter. As she and her newly single aunt head out for the night, will Debbie be able to keep the controversial arrangement a secret from Chas?

With Lachlan convinced he’s being bullied, Donny soon hatches the perfect escape from Charlie and his cronies, using his son’s predicament to his advantage. But will Chrissie fancy her son being taken away to live in Scotland? Hardly!

At the factory, Belle’s loving having a job. What she doesn’t realise is she’s actually on work experience and Lisa is paying her ‘wage’! Elsewhere, Finn plans a night in with his brother, Ross, but the siblings’ bonding session is interrupted by Darren…