Debbie’s disowned by the Dingles!

*Episode One*

Oh, dear! Bad girl Debbie’s got Cain so distressed he’s taken to sucking his thumb! Well, that’s what it looks like, and who could blame him? His daughter is a nightmare that the whole Dingle clan is having… Belle’s going to recover from drinking Debbie’s dodgy booze, but rotten Robbie tells the Dingles that Debbie mixed the lethal blend of vodka herself to maximise her profits. She didn’t, but everyone’s prepared to believe the worst about Debbie now… Her family disowns her but, hey, at least she still has Jack and Sarah. Well, no, she doesn’t… Andy’s got the kids and he’s not giving them back.

Brenda’s got Bob and she’s decided he’s a keeper so she’s going to surprise him – with a wedding! Brave decision; he’s not exactly got a good track record. Brenda will be wife number six – let’s hope that’s her lucky number. And let’s hope Bob likes surprise weddings!

Kerry has a nice surprise for Bob – she tells him she’ll move out of his house. Well, in all fairness, he never invited her to stay. That was desperate Dan. But Kerry doesn’t usually walk away from cushy numbers easily… Best lock up anything that’s not nailed down, Bob, because she’ll have it. Remember, she emptied Andy’s wallet when he told her to go.