Will Debbie break the law and take Sarah abroad?

Debbie Dingle prepares to use a fake passport so she can accompany daughter Sarah for her cancer treatment in Prague

*Second episode – one hour-long*

Armed with a fake passport, Debbie packs for Prague where Sarah’s due to have her cancer treatment. But her wily gran, Faith, is one step ahead, and, having worked out what the determined mum is up to, she’s swiped the boarding passes! Will Debbie go through with it?

When Will pops in to see Laurel with a bottle of wine, Laurel decides Gabby’s hunch might be right. But has Will really got a crush on her? Later, Laurel decides she should be devoting more time to visiting her husband Ashley, who has dementia and is living in care full-time. Meanwhile, it’s clear Sandy is feeling strange about seeing his son in that situation.

At the factory, Rakesh and Priya put the passion back into their marriage.