Debbie panics Sarah has been killed when she is involved in a horrible accident

Debbie is fraught with worry when Sarah's in accident while she's quad-biking with her mum's new man Tom

Debbie flies into a panic when Tom takes her daughter Sarah out quadbiking and there’s an accident. It’s bad. Sarah has been knocked unconscious, leaving Debbie fearing the worst for her child.

Elsewhere in the village, another mum is in crisis. Lachlan still hasn’t showed up and fraught Chrissie is trying to put on a brave face. But Rebecca and Lawrence aren’t fooled by her act.

Bernice breaks out in hives when Jimmy and Nicola start spending the cash they hoodwinked from dead Mrs Dumphreys. Having never felt right about taking the old lady’s winnings after her shock death in the salon, Bernice is sure the money is cursed.