Debbie snatches her kids… and Cameron?

*Episode two*

So, that’s what the crazy young mother running away with her children is wearing these days… For decency’s sake, let’s hope Debbie doesn’t have to bend over to attend to Jack. Cameron, Chas and Diane see Debbie take off with Sarah and Jack and Cameron takes off after her, promising to bring them all back. He catches up with Debbie at the airport and suddenly it’s not clear if Cameron’s going to convince Debbie to stay – or if he’s going to go with her!

Debbie’s done a runner because she’s worried about Andy getting full custody of Sarah and Jack, but maybe she doesn’t have to worry about that any more… For weeks now, Andy has been farming out his responsibilities as Farm Manager. Moira decides she can’t have him putting the farm second while he cares for his kids, so she demotes him. Now Andy’s in danger of losing his home and his job suddenly looks a lot less secure… That doesn’t put him in a good place to be a full-time dad.

Declan’s not in a good place. He’s lied and cheated and now he’s flirting with the hired help to make Katie jealous. She’s not, though, because she’s finished with Declan – and throws her wedding ring at him to make it crystal clear.