Zak is furious when he finds out that Cain was arrested at a port and he attacks Andy, while Shadrach goads Andy for being afraid of Cain. Victoria intervenes and Zak tells Andy he has blown his chances of having any access to Sarah. Diane plays peacemaker and talks to Lisa, but she stands firm. Diane warns Lisa that Andy will not give up the fight for his daughter.

Ashley calls dad Sandy to tell him about Jasmine and is surprised to discover he’s now in Scotland. Meanwhile, Debbie learns of Cain’s arrest from Hawkins, who hands her her mobile and tells her Cain will contact her. Later, Debbie returns a missed call, but it’s Jasmine! Debbie insists that she will take the rap for the murder and the girls swear their love. Debbie hears Sandy in the background.

Mick apologises to Diane for his outburst but refuses her offer to join The Woolpack staff as a pot man. When he realises he needs the job he changes his mind. Diane insists she needs the help so she can provide more support at the farm. Lee is pleased to see his granddad happier and feels better about accepting the Home Farm job.

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