*Second episode*

Having learned her lover Ross is also the father of her baby brother, Debbie is disgusted. There’s no way, knowing Ross has slept with her mum and betrayed her on so many levels, that their romance can continue. After Ross has a go at saving things, Debbie arrives at her dad’s to tell him that it’s over with Ross. But she’s not there long as she remembers the letter she wrote to Pete, ending their engagement. Feeling sick, Debbie dashes off hoping it’s not too late. But when she gets there, the note is gone and Pete is already home… Has he read it?

With her marriage in tatters, Chrissie turns to booze and drowns her sorrows with Andy. But as she offloads her woes to the farmer, Chrissie reads the signals all wrong and tries to land a kiss on Andy!

Emotions are running high as Val gets Pollard to read out the eulogy she’s written about herself for her fake funeral.