Debbie tells Cain to butt out of her love life

Debbie wants a word with her dad when she hears Cain has pulled Pete aside for ‘a chat’. Warning him to keep his nose out of her love life, she insists she doesn’t have feelings for Ross as Cain suspects. Later, Charlie rocks up to the garage to tell Ross he has a lot riding on losing his next bare-knuckle fight.

Meanwhile, convinced Ross will win, former fighter Zak pawns a load of jewellery, including Lisa’s wedding ring, so he can bet on the bout.

Following Laurel’s admission that she’s an alcoholic, Ashley urges her to sign up to an AA group. But as she takes her first shaky steps to get her life back on track, Marlon is making inroads into tearing the last vestiges of their marriage apart. When Ashley hears Marlon’s looking for a divorce lawyer he asks him not to pull the rug from under her.

Following Betty’s advice to make things right with Victoria, Adam gives it his best shot. David has news for Carly and Chrissie: the shop sale is off. Does this mean him emigrating to Portugal is a non-starter, too?