Debbie is feeling chuffed by the money she and Eli made with their scam at the casino and she resolves to try it again. Debbie books a hotel room and convinces a reluctant Eli to help her out. Debbie finds another sucker and they try the same trick, but Eli almost misses his cue. Debbie is unimpressed when Eli suggests that the scam is too dangerous and they shouldn’t repeat it again.

Viv has a row with Bob about his work commitments and she starts experiencing contractions. A worried Bob rushes Viv to the hospital where the midwife tells Viv that they are practice contractions and the babies are not on their way quite yet. But Viv is worried about the health of her babies and the midwife books her in for a C-section the following week.

Jamie is unimpressed as Jasmine goes on about her theory that Len is Tom’s murderer and he accuses her of ignoring people’s feelings for the sake of her story. Jasmine is undaunted by Jamie’s remarks and she lies to Val to get access to her digital camera, which has pictures of Tom and Rosemary’s wedding day. Jasmine scrolls through the pictures and is shocked to find a picture of a fleeing Jamie which could implicate him in the murder.