Debbie visits Jasmine

Debbie visits Jasmine in prison and the atmosphere is difficult. Debbie feels guilty, but Jasmine assures her that prison is where she deserves to be. Debbie promises to wait for Jasmine, but is stunned when Jasmine tells her that they both need to move on with their lives. The girls say a tearful final goodbye and Debbie promises to keep an eye out for Sandy.

Brenda shows Gennie a new pint-sized menu and explains that they need new stock quickly. Gennie approaches Shadrach and he purloins some goods and sells them to Brenda at a discounted rate. The tins of food turn out to be wrongly labelled and the customers leave when they get the wrong meals. Bob accuses Brenda of blowing the last of his cash on dodgy produce, unaware she paid for it herself, and Brenda angrily quits.

Chas receives an invite to Carl and Lexi’s wedding and Aaron takes delight in telling Paddy, who can’t hide his discomfort. Paddy gives Chas the opportunity to come clean about the invite, but she evades his offer to talk. Chas realises Paddy knows and later admits that she feels weird about the wedding, but isn’t jealous. Paddy is satisfied when Chas vows that Paddy is the only one for her.

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