Debbie wants the truth from Gennie!

Gennie’s pregnant with Nikhil’s baby so why isn’t she happy? Because she hasn’t found the right moment to tell baby-phobic Nikhil about the pregnancy and, on top of that, she has found out that her sister, Chas, is sleeping with Cameron, her niece Debbie’s fella – and Chas has told Charity that Gennie is pregnant.

Gennie’s furious and warns Chas that she’s going to tell Debbie everything. What a typical Dingle tangle! Gennie storms off in tears and walks right into Debbie, who wants to know what’s upset her. Oh, where to begin! Debbie presses Gennie to reveal all, but she doesn’t. What she does is later tell Chas to end her affair with Cameron or she will tell Debbie everything.

Pollard wants the sham marriage business between Alicia and David to be over but, instead, the whole affair is getting out of control, with Val acting as wedding planner. Say no more!

Talking of affairs, Ali wonders if she needs to have words with Laurel after she hears that Ruby is helping Sandy for free. She’s thinking that grumpy, grizzly Sandy isn’t the real attraction at the vicarage…