*Hour-long episode* There’s a showdown at the not-so-OK christening for Molly when Chas appears. She’s there to be godmother to Molly after a very emotional Katie has decided she can’t do it. But Debbie’s determined that Chas won’t do it, either. The last person baby Molly needs as a godmother is a lying, cheating killer like Chas… And Debbie does have a point (except for the killing part; Chas didn’t kill anyone, Cameron did but no one knows that).

As it happens, though, there is no christening. Gennie doesn’t get to the church in time and Jude has to press ahead with a funeral. That’s when Nikhil springs to life and comes up with a plan to rescue Molly’s special day.

Paddy needs a plan to rescue his relationship with Rhona. He feels like there are three people in his marriage – Rhona, Vanessa and himself – and he’s very much coming third. That’s not the position Paddy wants to be in but he can’t see how he can come out on top… Katie doesn’t know what kind of marriage she has, she just knows it’s not good.

Declan has told her he loves her and she knows he does – but she doesn’t know if she loves him. Katie should talk to Declan but she doesn’t – she talks to Andy, who’s shocked by what he hears.