Debbie wants to kill Robbie!

*Episode two*

Debbie’s lost everything…her family and her kids. It’s her own fault, but she needs someone else to blame and rotten Robbie fits the bill. He’s been spreading poisonous lies about her and she’s not going to let him get away with it… So when Debbie sees Robbie in the street she goes ballistic and gives him a good hiding. That’s not what Robbie has to worry about, though. He’s upset Debbie so he’s upset Cameron – and Cameron is a killer. Robbie upset Cameron once before and Cameron got him in the back of his van, just like he did with Alex. Robbie got away that time, but he really shouldn’t push his luck.

It looks like unlucky-in-love Dan is unlucky again as Kerry’s gone – and she’s taken Dan’s van, Hettie, with her. Oooooh, double whammy! But wait! Kerry comes back, with a newly-modified Hettie. Uh-oh. Kerry’s idea of improvement is going to be something like installing cider on tap…

Declan’s given up on trying to improve things between Katie and himself. Instead, he makes it crystal clear to Katie that they have a contract and he’s keeping her to it until he’s ready to let her go. That doesn’t stop Katie flirting with Adam. Bet he thinks all his Christmases have come at once!