Debbie wears a wire to catch Cameron’s confession

*First episode*

With Debbie wearing a wire, she and Cain hatch a plan to get Cameron talking. The mechanic tells Cameron that Debbie’s had enough and is packing her bags, knowing it will send him racing back to Tug Ghyll. There, a terrifying saga unfolds, which eventually sees Cameron confess. The killer is stunned when Debbie reveals she knows he killed Gennie…

When Megan insists Alicia continue with the plans for David and Priya’s wedding, she cracks. Unable to take any more, the single mum resigns – but, later, tells Dom she’s been fired.

Val’s decision to take the B&B off the market causes tension. Pollard’s not happy about the change of plan while Amy tells Kerry she feels guilty that the couple don’t know the full story about Kyle.