Debbie’s arrested!

*First episode*

Responding to a call-out from the garage, Debbie becomes increasingly annoyed when the customer persistently flirts with her, but he goes a step too far when he touches her on the shoulder. Still struggling with the demons of her past with Cameron, Debbie lashes out. She races off in a panic, but the police soon catch up with her and arrest her for assault!

Val is determined to find out who revealed her HIV status on the B&B website, so she enlists the help of Finn to track down the internet troll. They find the reviewer’s username and track it down to a sci-fi website, which immediately rings alarm bells for Val who believes the troll is Ian, so she sets about plotting her revenge.

Belle reveals that she wants to plead guilty – but how will her warring parents, Zak and Lisa, react when they find out?