Debbie’s booze is Belle’s ruin!

Debbie’s messed up again…big time! First, Sarah saw mum Debbie being attacked by Robbie (OK, he’s not really much of a threat but even he could look scary to a little girl) and now she finds Debbie desperately trying to revive Belle, who is passed out drunk in Debbie’s living room, lying in her own vomit. No wonder Sarah’s unhappy at home! This is no joke to Debbie, either… Belle’s been drinking Debbie’s dodgy booze and won’t wake up. Debbie calls an ambulance and sends poor Sarah for a grown-up. Of all the adults in the village, Sarah comes back with Cameron, the man who broke Debbie so badly she became the selfish, scary, bitter, twisted person who could cause something like this to happen.

Declan’s always been devious and manipulative and used to getting his own way, so he’s more than a little panicked when he thinks he has lost control of Katie. Desperate to save the festival, Declan does a deal with Katie to keep her away from the police. He thinks she’ll stay silent, but Megan’s not so sure. Declan should listen to Megan…

Val and Pollard hear about Kerry and Dan’s, er, relationship and feel it best to tell Amy before someone else does. Amy won’t be surprised by her mam’s behaviour, but Dan…well, if he wants to think with his dangly bits she can’t stop him.