Debbie’s going to make Robbie pay!

So, Debbie now knows that little Robbie had big ideas about how he was going to make her all his…by terrorising her, letting her think it was Kirk (the cheating husband who wanted Debbie to pay for his cheap booze with more than money), then coming to her rescue. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book for such nutters, but Charity hasn’t fallen for it. She has caught Robbie out and tells Debbie. So when Robbie tells Debbie he’s worried for her because he’s seen Kirk hanging around, Debbie plays along – but now she’s in charge of the game and Robbie’s going to be a big loser.

Rhona’s losing the plot. She’s already nicked drugs from the vet’s practice – and been caught by Vanessa – and now she’s nicking drugs from neighbours! She sees Laurel taking Sandy’s medication to him at Edna’s house and later pops in, pretending to be checking up on Tootsie. Devious! Then she says she needs to use the loo and pockets Sandy’s pills! Bad Rhona.

Poor Amy! Her head’s spinning. Kerry makes it clear that she still thinks Andy’s her man and it’s only a matter of time before he agrees with her, and Val thinks Pollard, Amy and Val are moving to Portugal. Maybe getting out of Emmerdale is exactly what Amy needs…