Debbie’s got a new bloke – and it’s not Robbie

*Episode One*

OK… Debbie has two guys to choose from: sharp dresser Kirk, a good-looking, confident businessman (dodgy business, mind, but that’s the kind of business Debbie likes these days), or Robbie, who’s dressed like an overgrown (but not by much) child – and he still lives with his mum. Debbie chooses Kirk, which is a surprise to no one, except Robbie. Well, she did tell Robbie she’d go on a date with him, but then she swerved him for Kirk. Robbie turns up at the pub in his play school outfit and wants to know why! Someone give him a mirror!

While Debbie and Kirk are trying to ignore Robbie, the rest of the pub is giving their attention to Cameron’s fundraiser for Hotten General. But where is he? He’s moving Alex’s body! While Chas is in the back of the pub looking for proof that Cameron’s cheating on her, Cameron’s in the woods dragging what’s left of poor Alex to a new grave.

Rhona’s been looking like something that has risen from a grave lately. Vanessa knows it’s because she’s addicted to painkillers and confiscates them. Now, the question is this: Is Vanessa just being a good friend, or is there something else going on with her? Remember, she was very keen to move back in with Rhona and Paddy…