When Pete asks Debbie out on a date, she tells him she’s busy. But later on, Ross is intrigued to see DC Flanagan going into Debbie’s house and begins to suspect his brother is being cheated on. In fact, Ross is way off the mark because Debbie has contacted the police to do a background check on Pete because she’s still cautious after dating serial killer Cameron!  Later, Ross tells Debbie he knows about her lying to Pete, but can she convince him to stay quiet?

Sean gets a big shock when he goes round to see Belle, who reveals that she has come up with a plan to get out of going to prison – by having a baby! Will he agree to help her?

Kerry and Jimmy are still at loggerheads over at Pear Tree Cottage, but who will reign victorious? Meanwhile, Chas continues to play wedding planner for Cain and Moira’s wedding, but James isn’t impressed when she sets a date for the big day…