Debbie’s gun is loaded – and pointing at Chas! (VIDEO)

What the ??! Debbie’s got a gun and she’s ready to make Chas pay with her life for stealing Cameron. Harsh! And the irony is, killer Cameron and Debbie really were a well-matched psycho couple and Cameron didn’t see it. Debbie marches Chas into a barn, gets her tied to a pipe and blindfolds her. Chas is terrified – and she should be. Meanwhile, Zak realises his gun is missing and Jai says he saw Chas with Debbie in a car. Now Cain and Charity are terrified. Debbie wouldn’t, would she? Well, she loads the gun and is ready to shoot when Cain and Charity find her with the gun pointed at Chas’s head…

Megan wants to live where Ali lives, in Brook Cottage, but she doesn’t want to live with Ali, Ruby, Sean and Amelia – she wants them out. So, Ali really shouldn’t be winding Megan up, but she can’t help herself. When Megan orders Ali to get rid of Sean’s dog, Ali refuses. And when Megan hears that Sean’s called the dog Meg (haha) she’s determined to have the family evicted.

Vanessa has officially moved in on Paddy and Rhona’s veterinarian practice. The contracts are signed and champagne is drunk, but Vanessa still doesn’t pop Paddy’s cork.