Debbie’s on her own – and scared!

Debbie’s got a stalker, but Cain’s not going to read about it in the Hotten Courier. He’s not going to find out about it from Debbie, either – although it’s clear that she would love her dad to protect her. She’s too proud to ask for his help, though, and Cain’s not offering it, not any more. He can’t even bear to look at her. To Cain, Debbie’s a prostitute, whoring herself for business and hurting people with her stupid games…hurting him, Moira, Chas, even her own children. So Debbie has to face her fears alone. She thinks Kirk is her tormentor and she is scared, but she hangs tough in front of Robbie… If only she knew! It’s Robbie who’s terrorising Debbie, trying to make her turn to him for protection. Him?! He couldn’t get a job as a bouncer in Mothercare!

Gennie still wants to bounce Cameron out of Emmerdale. Chas is worried about him, but Gennie’s still suspicious…and she becomes even more suspicious when Cameron’s facts about his crash don’t add up.

Nicola wants Steve’s help to add up to a place in a posh school for Angelica. Bernice thinks Gabby’s missing out and suggests to Steve that he can balance his generosity by paying for Gabby to have horse-riding lessons (whether Gabby wants them or not!)