Debbie’s pregnant – and the drink’s on Carl!

Debbie shows her true Dingle colours and erupts in anger when Carl suggests that Cameron will no doubt become dirty flirty Eve’s next victim. Silly Carl’s standing at the bar in The Woolpack right next to a pint when he says it. Well, no self-respecting Dingle would resist the opportunity to throw the pint in his face, which is exactly what Debbie does. Then Chas takes great pleasure in throwing Carl out and sends Debbie to the back room to have a drink and calm down. But Debbie says she can’t have a drink and dissolves into tears! Are her hormones playing up? You bet – she’s pregnant!

Jimmy’s emotional, too. He wants Nicola and Angelica back with him and wants Rodney to help. Surely Rodney can convince Nicola to stop the divorce and give her marriage to Jimmy another chance? No, he can’t. Nothing can change the fact that Jimmy slept with Kelly and, by doing that, tramped all over Nicola’s heart.

Dermot tries to help Ella by pointing out to Declan that she needs more of his attention. Trouble is, Declan’s attention is focused on his business. Perhaps if Ella wrapped herself in a spreadsheet…?

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