Debbie’s stung by Eli’s betrayal

Debbie feels lonely when Chas accepts her apology, but makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be friends. Eli spots a dejected Debbie shutting up the garage and he talks her into going for a drink. The pair later make their way back to Debbie’s and they end up in bed. Debbie is gutted when she wakes up to find that Eli has sneaked out with her mobile and laptop and passed them on to Kelly to remove Debbie’s blackmail photo of her kissing Eli.

Jimmy asks Kelly out on a picnic but he’s forced to blow her out when Carl tells him there’s paperwork to do at the office. Carrie visits Jimmy and apologises for trying to kiss him, but things are still awkward. Carrie tells Louise that she thinks Jimmy is making a mistake in marrying Kelly.

Kelly heads over to the Woolpack for her hen night, but she’s unimpressed when Viv reveals that she’s got her some strippers. Viv has had to improvise as she couldn’t get the strippers she was after and Bob, Jamie and Marlon are stand-ins – dressed up as a Red Indian, a sailor, and a dinosaur!

Also, Sam struggles with his finances.