It’s super awkward for Debbie when she and Pete meet up with the vicar to talk about their upcoming wedding. Knowing she’s cheating on Pete with his brother Ross, and that she has totally fallen for the Barton bad boy, Debbie cringes as their plans are discussed. With Finn now in the know, he watches on, unconvinced that Ross and Debbie’s affair is over. When Debbie later sneaks out to meet Ross, will they resist each other?

Having been told Jai is having an affair with Leyla and is planning to leave her, Megan is heartbroken. Later, Rachel is stunned when she sees Megan playing happy families with Jai. But Megan has a plan and she is gunning to make Jai pay.

Brenda wants to get going on building the playground in memory of her late daughter Gennie. But when she mentions to Carly and Bob about checking on the account before she gets cracking, Carly quickly reels out yet another lie, leaving Bob more worried than ever.

There’s bad news for Belle as Zak finally tells her he’s not sure Hamish, her pony, is going to make it.