Jamie decides to pay off his mystery blackmailer to get them off his back and he empties his bank account. Jasmine is astonished when Jamie asks her to donate £300 to help him out and tries to convince him not to pay-up. Chas is worried when she sees Jamie acting suspiciously around Barraclough and Dasari and demands to know what’s up.

But Jamie heads off to the drop off point with Jasmine in tow and they are angered when Debbie turns out to be the blackmailer. Jamie comes to his senses and instead of handing her the cash, goes to the police to tell them about the photo.

Paul and Diane are surprised when they both receive a wedding invitation from Paul’s sister Sharon. The pair are both aware of Val’s estrangement from Sharon and worry whether they should let on to Val about the invites as they suspect that Sharon hasn’t invited Val. Val breezes into work and it’s clear that she knows nothing about the wedding. Paul and Diane debate whether they should accept the invite.

Viv has another restless night in hospital and is finally allowed home with the babies. She and Bob are grateful when Kelly offers to help out as much as she can and Bob partially heals the rift between himself and Kelly, despite her relationship with Jimmy. It seems that the Windsor/Hope clan are united for once.