Decision time for Ruth?

This week Ruth questions if she’ll ever be able to practice medicine again…

When research student Sally Bridges is admitted to the psychiatric ward after attacking a fellow student at the university, senior charge nurse Charlie has a serious headache on his hands. Paranoid Sally believes the world is out to get her, and her mum Donna agrees.

Sally’s mum Donna (Goodnight Sweetheart star Michelle Holmes) arrives at the ward with all guns blazing. She’s adamant her daughter’s fears of being followed are legitimate as she’s doing groundbreaking research, attracting attention from big corporations. Convinced her daughter isn’t crazy, Donna has a go at Charlie and then tries to break Sally out!

Heavily sedated Sally collapses before they can escape unnoticed, so Donna leaves her at the hospital and goes in search of evidence to prove her daughter isn’t delusional. But what she finds among Sally’s research notes shocks her – page after page of paranoid scribbling.

Meanwhile Ruth, who is being treated for Bipolar at the same ward, finds Sally collapsed in a cubicle. Unable to get help Ruth’s medical instincts kick in. She examines Sally and makes a brilliant diagnosis – Sally isn’t mentally ill, she’s got Lyme Disease!

Will this encounter help Ruth accept being Bipolar doesn’t mean she can’t practice medicine?