Decker asks Justin an important question

Will Justin and the Morgans ever be able to live a normal life?

Decker arrives in Summer Bay and asks Justin to testify against the Syndicate in court. Will Justin say yes? As Justin and Decker discuss the idea, Raffy walks in. At first, she’s elated to see Decker but she ends up running off in tears when she realises how many lies he’s told her.

Raffy turns to Phoebe for comfort, but Phoebe takes her home to the Morgans. Can Justin persuade Phoebe to give him a chance?

John and Alf find an unconscious Heath laying on the beach. They tell Irene, who convinces Bianca to talk to Heath. Will the pair reunite or will their heart to heart send Heath into a deeper state of depression?

Also, Tori and Nate can’t keep their hands off each other at work! Will their red-hot chemistry land them in hot water?