Cougar Ella has booked another hotel room so she can spend more time pawing Adam. Trouble is, Declan fancies a bit of quality time with her. Ella laps up his attention, but says she’s already planned a meeting with her salon manager (that’s Adam to the rest of us). Declan does a bit of snooping and is waiting for Ella at the hotel bar – where she’s expecting Adam. Aaaargh! Luck’s on her side, though, as Adam sees them before Declan sees him. Now Ella just has to explain the mystery of the salon manager who hasn’t shown up – and she’s not very convincing.

Paddy’s not very convincing as Daddy No 2 to Leo. The tight family unit Rhona dreamed of is coming apart at the seams and she doesn’t know how to knit it together. It doesn’t help when just about every conversation she starts with Paddy descends into a row. And it also doesn’t help to have Marlon lurking, telling Paddy he doesn’t deserve Rhona.

Amy doesn’t deserve her old job back with Leyla, but she’s upset when Hannah gets the job. Well, if she could just ease up on the lying and blackmail a bit, people might trust her a bit more.