Declan and Charity do (the) business!

*Hour episode*

Er, that kiss isn’t very businesslike! Better not let Katie catch you, Declan! She’s on her way home, you know. Oh, you don’t know because you were too busy getting busy with Charity to hear Katie’s phone message. And all this passion from a row! Declan has realised that Charity is trying to play him and is angry. He says some not very nice things, she says some horrible stuff, too – and then they’re kissing! And then they’re doing a lot more than kissing, on the sofa. And that’s when Robbie phones to say Katie’s on her way home. Typical! The one time Robbie tries to be helpful and no one hears him.

Now that Cain has his toothbrush in Moira’s bathroom, he makes sure he gets to use it. Moira’s happy, but Debbie’s not. Any friend of Chas’s is an enemy of hers and she warns Moira to stay out of her life. That’s going to be tricky when Debbie’s dad is Moira’s life…

Bob would like Brenda to be more a part of his life and makes a sort of move on her (just how has this man had five wives???). But he’s got competition: Bronte night Brian is back – and he wants to sweep Brenda off her feet.