Declan and Charity seal Sam’s fate

Charity knows she’s got to pull something out of the bag in order to get Sam banged up good and proper. With her desperate to get shot of Rachel and baby Archie – who she blames for the breakdown of her marriage to love-cheat Jai – she’s not about to give up on her mission now. Grabbing Sam’s jumper, she gets Declan to douse it in the petrol he used to start the fire. Now all that needs to be done is to plant the ‘evidence’ in the Home Farm grounds and wait for the police to find it.

With morale running at an all-time low among the Dingles, Zak organises an impromptu party to celebrate Sam and Rachel’s engagement.

Dan’s thrilled to hear that his sperm donation has been a success as Ruby is now pregnant! How will his girlfriend Kerry feel about it? Finn Barton starts work at the B&B and soon wishes he could get the sack as Pollard barks out the orders!