Harry arrives for his first day at school and when Declan reaches out to him, Kyle blows the lid on his relationship to Paul Robinson and Harry retaliates. When Dan catches them fighting, he pressures Declan to cut Harry some slack, after all he’s just lost his mother. However, Declan’s tolerance is tested when Harry arrives backstage at the play that night, determined to make trouble. Declan and Harry fight, threatening the opening of the play, but it’s Bridget and her baby who pay the price.

Lou is struggling to look after the cafe on his own and moved by Kate’s circumstances and her responsible nature, he offers her a job at Harold’s store. Not knowing the store belongs to Elle, Kate accepts and her refreshing honesty and work ethic impresses Lou, and when she fixes the coffee machine, Lou feels his curse may be lifting.

Dan surprises Libby by suggesting they continue to investigate using a surrogate to have a baby, oblivious of the effect their baby talk is having on Ben. When Ben presents Dan with a school consent form filled out for ‘Ben Fitzgerald’ that impact becomes clear. Libby is touched by Ben’s surprisingly mature explanation – that he wants to be part of the new Fitzgerald family.

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