Declan can’t cope with Bridget’s news

Declan reacts very badly to the news of Bridget’s pregnancy and says he does not want his life to be ruined by having a child, especially after being accepted into the AFL team. He is furious and burns Bridget and Rebecca in the process. Instead of facing the problem, Declan loses himself in self-destructive behaviour…

Bridget is left feeling hurt and struggles to cope with Declan’s refusal to speak to her so she rips up photographs of them together. When Rebecca finds her breaking down she offers Bridget the support she needs to give her the strength to keep going. The teen lovers are on the threshold of some life-changing events and their relationship may be the first casualty.

Susan is determined to host a beautiful engagement party for Libby and Dan, without having to slaughter the pig Karl has bought home to provide self-catering with. She decides to give the pig away, however she loses it in the process and Rachel’s late night hunt for Lennie the pig reunites her with Ty. When she learns that his hand is better but he still hasn’t picked up a guitar, she tries to lure him back to his music again, and this time she is successful.

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